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PEP Oct 2014
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Public Employee Press

Six clericals win promotions at Met Hospital

Clerical-Administrative Division Director Renee Gainer and Grievance Rep Efrain Perez, standing at right, join Local 1549 grievants to celebrate their recent promotions at Metropolitan Hospital.

Out-of-title grievances at Metropolitan Hospital helped six members get title upgrades and back pay.

In August, the hospital agreed to promote the Local 1549 clerical workers, who work at the Manhattan facility's health information unit. One of the members, Jaime Gutierrez, who does computer work, received a $10,000 raise as he was promoted to an information technology title represented by another DC 37 local, Data Processing Personnel Local 2627.

"We were happy to be able to resolve these members' cases promptly," said Eddie Rodriguez, president of Clerical-Administrative Employees Local 1549 and of DC 37. The union filed the grievances in June, met with management in July and resolved the cases in August.

"Too often grievances drag on," said DC 37 Clerical-Administrative Division Director Renee Gainer. Some disputes that go to arbitration can last for years.

Grievance Rep Efrain Perez worked closely with the six workers to document their claims, which he handled as individual grievances rather than a group grievance.

"Each worker had distinct circumstances," Perez said. "But they were all working above their pay scale, handling tasks, often including supervisory duties, that they weren't paid for."

Clerical Associates 2 Caridad Sanchez, Scot Rodriguez and Jacqueline Griffen received upgrades to Clerical Associate 3. Premwatti Roopnarine and Marilyn Kelly were promoted from CA 3 to CA 4. The promotions led to salary increases of about $3,000 for each of the workers.

After working out-of-title for years, the members were happy with the grievance process and glad to receive the promotions and pay increases.

"I am ecstatic now that we got what we deserved," Rodriguez said.

"I was actually shocked," said Roopnarine. "I wasn't sure that my boss would recognize me for the work that I do."

"I am just happy to have the work I am doing be acknowledged," Griffen said.

A 28-year-veteran of the hospital, Kelly said she was happy with her raise because it will boost her pension and make her retirement years more economically secure.

— Gregory N. Heires

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