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PEP Oct 2014
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Public Employee Press

Three long-serving DC 37 staffers say goodbye

DC 37 Council Rep Michelle Eberlein, DC 37 Council Rep
Edwin Badillo and Color Press Operator Sam Miller.

Three dedicated union staffers - field reps Michelle Eberlein and Edwin Badillo and printer Sam Miller - retired recently after a total of almost 100 years of service to the members of DC 37.

"Mickey" Eberlein worked in the Schools Division before moving to the White Collar Division, where she worked to protect members' rights and press their grievances and was widely admired as an outspoken straight shooter.

"Mickey made a lot of noise as a Paraprofessional and DC 37 recognized that she'd make a great advocate," said Associate Director Henry Garrido. "Mickey is everything a Rep, a mother and a woman in the labor movement should be!"

"It was an honor to work with Mickey, and a bigger honor to be counted as her friend," said White Collar Division Director Mike Riggio.

"The day I walked into DC 37 was the happiest day of my life, but now it's time to enjoy my grandchildren - who have already spent my pension," she quipped.

Badillo started in 1986 as a Custodial Assistant for the City University and soon became a grievance rep and then a Council Rep in the Blue Collar Division, as well as an activist on DC 37's Latino Heritage Committee.

"The members were always well served with Edwin working on their behalf," said Blue Collar Division Director José Sierra. Badillo marched with DC 37 one last time Sept. 6 in the Labor Day Parade before relocating to the southwest to join his family.

Printing press operator Sam Miller "was a valuable member of our team for a long time," said printshop manager Frank Fasone. Miller started 45 years ago on machines that would now qualify as antiques and over the years he produced millions of fliers, newsletters and benefit forms for DC 37 members, locals and committees.

Miller enjoys fishing and watching movies made in the 1920s, '30s and '40s - pursuits he expects to have more time for in retirement.

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