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PEP Nov 2016
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Public Employee Press


DC 37 members share a deep commitment to public service and work 24/7 to make New York City a global capital.

Beverly Webb Taylor
CUNY Office, Assistant Level 4, Local 384.

New York is the city that never sleeps. Around the clock, emergencies need responses. Streets need cleaning. Families need care. Students need well-run schools. our neighborhoods demand safety.
That's why DC 37 members Never Quit.

To nominate someone to participate in this campaign, contact PEPeditor@dc37.net.
"It is about going the extra mile, taking that extra step."

I'M what the union is all about.

I have been with CUNY for 22 years. I have been with Hunter College Campus Schools for 7 years.

I work in high school admissions. I process online applications for the incoming seventh-graders to Hunter High School.

All sixth-grade students who apply must meet the ELA and math standards for fifth-grade to be able to sit for the entrance exam in January.

Once we receive eligible applicants' fifth-grade test scores online, we check that they meet our requirements. When confirmed, we divide the rosters up by borough and we go through to verify each applicant until every child is verified.

This is very important. We must be accurate to ensure every child's test scores is verified. The last thing is for a parent on exam day to come and say we submitted an application and never received an examination ticket-that is disastrous.

I often work late to make sure that everything is verified. I also answer a lot of emails. During the admissions season when I arrive in the morning, I will have as many as 100 emails, and also telephone messages, from parents about their child's eligibility, time of the upcoming exam, their application-but most importantly about the difficulty of the online payment for the entrance exam.

I have applicants who must sit for the qualifying exam-these are students who did not meet the initial requirements. I am so happy when they pass this exam and are offered admission. It's funny - I get so familiar with the names that when I see the list of names, I go, "Oh my gosh! They took the qualifying exam and were accepted!"

It's the little things I appreciate the most. The joy of when the parents come into the office, saying "I'm looking for Ms. Webb. She helped us out so much!"

It is about going the extra mile, taking that extra step, following up on documentation and calling parents to keep them informed when documentation is missing.

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