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  Public Employee Press

PEP Nov 2016
Table of Contents
  La Voz

Public Employee Press

Countdown to Retirement
A pre-retirement checklist from the DC 37 Personal Service Unit

Planning Ahead

10 Years to Go

  • Review your investment plan
  • Check Social Security benefit estimates every few years
5 Years to Go
  • Take stock of living expenses
  • Review portfolio allocations
  • Learn to invest
  • Pay down debt
3 Years to Go
  • Understand your pension options
  • Decide where you will live
  • Review your health insurance
  • Create a preliminary retirement budget
The Final Year

12 Months to Go
Decide on a target retirement date
11 Months to Go
If you are planning to relocate, pick your spot and take an extended vacation there
9 Months to Go
Plan a retirement budget
8 Months to Go
Analyze your investment strategy
6 Months to Go
Start thinking about health insurance
5 Months to Go
Decide how you will take money from your company's retirement benefit, such as a 401(k) or 457 plan
3 Months to Go
Apply for Social Security three months before you want payments to begin
1 Month to Go
Pay off any loans from your 401(k) plan

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