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PEP Dec 2006
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Public Employee Press

Updated Schedule of Civil Service Exams

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has issued its schedule of civil service examinations being given through June 2007. The list is tentative and subject to change. For up-to-date information, please consult the official monthly schedule available at www.nyc.gov/dcas.

Exams listed below are for titles represented by DC 37 locals. In the list, OC means open competitive and P means promotional.

To get an application, write the DCAS Applications Section, 1 Centre St., 14th floor, Municipal Building, New York, NY 10007, c/o Exam #, Exam Title, or go in person between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 18 Washington St. Mailed requests must include a stamped, self-addressed, business-size envelope. Write the number and name of the exam on the inside flap of the self-addressed envelope. Put two stamps on the return envelope for each application. The filing fees of $30 to $60 must be paid by money order.

Members can also get applications and official Notices of Examination for these and other titles on the Internet. NOEs include qualification requirements, test descriptions and application information. For more information, call 212-669-1357.

Exam Exam No. Exam TypeFiling PeriodTest Date
Activity Therapist (HHC)6061OC2/7/07 to 2/27/07 
Addiction Counselor (HHC)6075OC5/2/07 to 5/22/07 
Assistant Retirement Benefits
6078OC6/6/07 to 6/26/0710/20/07
Associate Fraud Investigator6530P3/7/07 to 3/27/076/23/07
Associate Inspector (Consumer Affairs)6523P2/7/07 to 2/27/075/19/07
Associate Investigator6531P3/7/07 to 3/27/076/23/07
Carpenter (HHC)
6504P1/3/07 to 1/23/074/28/07
Caseworker6069OC3/7/07 to 3/27/076/23/07
Child Protective Specialist6070OC3/7/07 to 3/27/076/23/07
Computer Service Technician6076OC5/2/07 to 5/22/07 
Emergency Medical Special-EMT6083OC6/6/07 to 6/26/07 
Emergency Medical Specialist-
6084OC6/6/07 to 6/26/07 
Emergency Medical Specialist-
6536P6/6/07 to 6/26/07 
Engineering Technician
6048OC12/6/06 to 12/26/063/31/07
Estimator (Electrical)6077OC5/2/07 to 5/22/07 
Estimator (General Construction)6072OC4/4/07 to 4/24/07 
Estimator (Mechanical)6079OC6/6/07 to 6/26/0 
Police Administrative Aide6055OC1/3/07 to 1/23/07 4/28/07
Principal Police Communications
6533P3/7/07 to 3/27/076/23/07
Project Manager6044OC11/1/06 to 11/21/062/25/07
Public Health Nurse6080OC6/6/07 to 6/26/07 
Public Health Nurse (School Health)6081OC6/6/07 to 6/26/07 
Senior Motor Vehicle Supervisor6527P 2/7/07 to 2/27/075/26/07
Social Worker6062OC2/7/07 to 2/27/07 
Space Analyst6045OC11/1/06 to 11/21/062/25/07
Supv of Mech. Installations
& Maintenance
6086OC 2/7/07 to 2/27/075/19/07
Traffic Enforcement Agent6053OC 12/6/2006 to 12/26/063/17/07




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