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PEP Feb 2001
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  La Voz

Public Employee Press

Delegates to vote on amendment to expand DC 37 Executive Board

DC 37 Delegates will vote Feb. 27 on a proposed amendment to the DC 37 Constitution that would put all local presidents on the union’s executive board.

The Executive Board is currently composed of the union’s four officers (executive director, president, treasurer and secretary) and at least 20 vice presidents.

The delegates elect most of the vice presidents on the board, but representatives of locals whose members constitute at least 5 percent of DC 37’s membership — known as “5 percent locals” — serve automatically.

Following the constitutional procedure, the DC 37 Laws and Rules Committee, chaired by Local 2054 President Joan Reed, held two hearings on the proposed amendment in the fall.

The committee voted against supporting the amendment, as did the Executive Board. The proposal was introduced by Local 983 President Mark Rosenthal.

A two-thirds vote by the DC 37 Delegates, who make up the union’s highest governing body, is required for a proposed amendment to become part of the union’s constitution.

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