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  Public Employee Press

PEP Feb 2001
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Public Employee Press

Management must post injury logs in February

Each February, federal and New York State laws require your employer to post a record of all reportable injuries and illnesses that occurred in your workplace during the previous year.

Throughout the year, most public sector employers, including the agencies where most DC 37 members work, must keep a record of injuries and illnesses in a list known as the DOSH-900 Log. (DOSH is the Division of Safety and Health in the state Labor Department.)

Employees may request these records for review any time during the year. But in February, management is required to post the annual DOSH-900 summaries where employees can see them, such as on a bulletin board.

The log lists the number of employees injured the previous year, the severity of injuries, the number of lost or restricted workdays, and the titles and work locations of injured and ill workers.

“Most of our members should watch for the DOSH-900 Log to be posted,” explained Lee Clarke, head of DC 37’s Safety and Health Unit. “However, members who work for cultural institutions or private sector employers — such as our new members at LFI Consulting — should look for the federal OSHA-200 Log to go up during February.”

The union can use the OSHA-200 and DOSH-900 records to identify unsafe areas, determine what types of injuries or illnesses occur most frequently and press for better conditions.

Employers face penalties if they fail to comply with OSHA-200 and DOSH-900 reporting requirements.

If you do not see the appropriate log posted at your job in February, contact the DC 37 Safety and Health Unit immediately at (212) 815-1685.

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