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PEP Feb 2001
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Public Employee Press

Museum pact steps up career ladder

After months of negotiations, Local 1559 members at the American Museum of Natural History voted 109 to 11 on Oct. 10 to ratify a new contract on working conditions and some wage issues.

The pact, which covers some 150 members, improves the career ladder by adding steps and increasing salaries.

“These negotiations were significant because we were able to address issues for every title in the bargaining unit. Because some part-timers became full-time, it expands our membership by about 10 percent,” said Local President Jackie Beckett.

The new contract provides for additional steps in the career ladder that will help both new staff and longer-service employees in specific titles, Beckett explained.

Time-in-service awards
Nearly all covered employees will receive time-in-service awards ranging from $500 to $2,500.

Employees in the bargaining unit include Scientific Assistants, Museum Instructors, Maintainers, Preparators, Clerical workers and Sales Assistants.

Other improvements include training for employees who work with new technology, expanded bereavement leave, employer-provided uniforms and referral of certain issues, such as a review of job descriptions, to the labor/management committee.

The members of the negotiating committee included Beckett, Vice President Bob Evander, Treasurer Lisa Bresloff and Recording Secretary Theresa Pacheco.

Working with them at the table were DC 37 Rep John Jordan of the White Collar Division and Moira Dolan, assistant director of the DC 37 Research and Negotiations Dept.



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