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  Public Employee Press

PEP Feb 2001
Table of Contents
  La Voz

Public Employee Press

Support group for women who are in abusive relationships

Does your partner:

  • always criticize what you wear, what you say, how you act, how you look?

  • humiliate you in front of others or threaten to hit you?

  • complain constantly about your friendships?

  • make you feel that no matter what you do, everything is always your fault?

The MELS social work staff is offering a new support group for women who are in or recovering from abusive relationships. The group will give women the opportunity to support each other by sharing their stories. The group will cover such topics as types and patterns of abuse, safety planning, legal and financial issues, the impact of abuse on children, and coping with stress.

The purpose of the group is to promote self-esteem, safety, awareness of legal options, informed decision-making, emotional coping and healing, and self-determination for women.

The group (for DC 37 members only) will meet for six weeks beginning Jan. 31. To sign up, mail the coupon to Sheila Menashe, Director of Social Services. For more information, please contact Penny Curvin or Jennifer Rapaport at (212) 815-1150.


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