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  Public Employee Press

PEP Feb 2001
Table of Contents
  La Voz

Public Employee Press



    ‘round November each year,
    fir trees and spruce trees
    mark holiday cheer.
    City landmarks, busy sidewalks
     dressed in holiday style,
    seasonal lights, red and green lights
    strung for mile after mile.
    The Climbers and Pruners in Local 1506
     hung the Union Square wreath and trees, 46,
    from a fir in West Harlem
    in a park called St. Nick
    to a 65-footer near the Bowling Green Bull,
     and a tree at the Met wouldn’t let us forget
    gilded angels, baroque, out of antiquity
    were mounted by members
    of Local 1503.
    Chestnuts roasted on open fires
     and Jack Frost nipped New Yorkers’ noses
    as tourists gazed with eyes all aglow
    and folks dressed up like Eskimos.
    The ring-a-ling of silver bells,
     the muffled sounds as snowflakes fell
    all made a winter wonderland.
    And city workers deserve a hand
    for making Christmas season grand.
    A raise and contract, even better,
     well-deserved by the heroes who matter.
    They shine the Big Apple
    ‘til the workday is done,
    for DC 37 makes this city run.

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