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PEP Feb 2014 Table of Contents
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Local 1757 celebrates 50 years of activism

LOCAL 1757's 50TH ANNIVERSARY: from left, Jennifer White, Glen Calderon, Cheryl Miles-Richardson, John Paris, District Council 37 Associate Director Henry Garrido, Local President Francine Schloss, John Scalzo, DC 37 Professional Division Director Nola Brooker and Matthew Joseph.

As Local 1757 marked its 50th anniversary Dec. 10, DC 37 Associate Director Henry Garrido congratulated the members on their important work and presented a commemorative plaque from the national union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, to Local President Francine Schloss and other local leaders.

Most local members work at the Finance Dept., where they assess commercial and personal real estate for the taxes that fund much of the city's budget. The titles represented by the local include Appraiser, Associate Housing Development Specialist, Assistant City Assessor, City Assessor, Housing Development Specialist, Senior Appraiser and Supervising Appraiser.

"We take pride in ensuring that the city's properties, which are among the most valuable in the world, are carefully evaluated," said Schloss, "to fund our schools, libraries, public pools and services for the needy."

"The members of Local 1757 provide a service that lubricates the economic engine of New York City," Garrido said. He noted that the local has contributed significantly to the union's white paper campaign that has uncovered vast waste and untapped revenue that could be used to improve the city's finances.

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